Farid A Badria is a Professor,Mansoura University,Egypt

Farid A Badria


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Mansoura University


Farid A Badria is a Professor, Pharmacognosy Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mansoura University, Egypt



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Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

 -          Diagnosis of Cancers (Ovarian and Liver)

-          Diagnosis of Pathological Disorders of Retina.

-          Decision Making of Viral infection of liver.

-          Prediction of Health Hazards of Obesity.

-          Predication of Developing Liver Cancer

-          Optimization of Extraction Methods of Medicinal plants.


 -          Inhibitors for Aldose reductase for treatment of Cataract

-          Inhibitors for Amylase and Glucosidase for treatment of  Obesity and Diabetes.

-          Inhibitors for Proline hydroxylase for the treatment of Liver Fibrosis.

-          Inhibitors for Tyrosinase for treatment of Hyperpigmentation.

-          Inhibitors for Hyaluronidase for treatment of skin aging

-          Inhibitors  for Topoisomerase for treatment  of cancer

-          Inhibitors for Leukotriene Hydrolase for treatment  of Inflammatory Disorders (Hepatitis, IBS, Bronchial Asthma) 

Developing New Therapy for Liver Disorders

-          Hepatoselective Fibrosuppressive Agents from Natural Origin.

-          Early Diagnosis and Intervention of Progress of Liver Cancer

-          Mechanism of Natural Products on Hepatic Stellate Cells, fatty liver, and HCC.

-          Natural Endogenous Interferon Stimulant from Natural Products

-          Schistomicidal Agents from natural products

Developing  New Therapy for Skin Disorders:

-          Phytotherapy for Alopecia Aerata

-          New Phytotherapy for Hirsutism

-          Hyperpigmentation disorders

-          New Therapy for Amyloidosis


-          A New Marker for Hepatocellular Carcinoma

-          A New Marker for Nephropathy

-          A New Index for Liver fibrosis

-          Biomarkers for marine pollution

-          Biomarkers for Stress and Headache Among Military Paratroopers

               Phytochemistry and SAR

-          Chemistry  and Anticancer Activity of Magnolia

-          Chemistry and Antimitotic Activity of Gossypol.

-          Chemistry and Immunomodulatory Activity of Boswellia

-          Chemistry and Antioxidant Activity  of  Lawisiana

-          Chemistry and Antitumor Activity of Calligonum

           Chemistry and Antioxidant Activity of Acacia nilotica