Giulio Tarro is a Life President,T. and L. de Beaumont Bonelli Foundation for Cancer Research ,T. and L. de Beaumont Bonelli Foundation for Cancer Research ,Napoli Italy

Giulio Tarro

Life President,T. and L. de Beaumont Bonelli Foundation for Cancer Research

Organizing Committee Member

Napoli Italy

T. and L. de Beaumont Bonelli Foundation for Cancer Research


Dr. Tarro has been engaged in medical research for over 30 years. His research work began in 1960 in the virology laboratory. In 1973 Dr Tarro worked as Senior Scientist at the Frederick Cancer Research Center. His most notable work provided experimental evidence for the association of herpesviruses with cancer of the cervix.

Dr. Tarro's researches in Virology have been both basic and mission oriented. His basic researches have been concerned with antigens induced early during the replication cycle of herpes simplex virus (HSV). His mission-oriented research has dealt with many aspects of various infectious diseases including broncho-pneumonia, encephalitis, cholera, and the diseases caused by different viruses. Dr Tarro is currently engaged in scientific research related to the separation and identification of tumour antigens present on cell membranes and their potential value in immunotherapy for cancer.

Dr. Tarro is on the editorial board of various Italian medical journals.  Dr Tarro has been elected to membership of many academies and societies. He has also been the recipient of many awards and honours.

Dr Tarro is life president of the T. and L. de Beaumont Bonelli Foundation for Cancer Research officially recognized by Italian presidential decree n. 36 of January 3, 1978.


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  • 1944 -1956- Elementary and High School, Messina, Italy
  • 1962 - Medical Degree summa cum laude, University of Naples
  • 1968- Diploma of Specialist in Nervous and Mental Diseases summa cum laude, University of Naples
  • 1970- Professorship ("Libera Docenza,) in Virology, Rome


  • Murine Virology
  • Antiviral Chemotherapy
  • Effects of inhibitors on viral replication
  • Studies on the role of herpesviruses in cancer
  • Tumor Immunology
  • Pathology of AIDS


  • 1963 Lepetit Award for Medical Degree, University of Naples
  • 1965, 1966 "A. B. Sabin" Prize (U.S. dollars 3,000 each) from SCLAVO Institute, Siena
  • 1967 U.S. dollars 5,000 Award from Italian Pharmacotherapy Institute
  • 1969 "G. Lenghi" International Award of the National Academy of Lincei (Rome) for ViraI Studies (Former winner S. Stewart)
  • 1971 "D. De Blasi" National Award from Richardson Merrel
  • 1973 "Gold Microscope" International Award from Italian Health Minister (Former winners.A. B. Sabin, S. Luria)
  • 1973,1975 G. D'Orso National Award (Naples) (AIso winner R. Dulbecco)
  •  1975 "Gold Jumbo Jet" International Award at Capitolium Rome (Former winner D. Bovet)
  • 1975 Gold medal from the President of Italian Republic for achievements in public education
  •  1976 Knights of Humanity International Award, Malta
  • 1978 International Universum Award for Medicine from the International Center of Solidarity "Giovanni XXIII" (Former winner C. Barnard)
  • 1978 Gold medal and honorary member, International Academy of Pontzen
  • 1979 Gold medal and director for Medical Science, Academy of Paestum
  • 1979 Diploma and academician title from the Roma academy of medical and biological Sciences, Capitolium (Rome)
  •  1979 Gold Lion National Award from the Lion Brigade, Pistoia (Former winner: famous Italians in Art, Culture, and Sciences)
  • 1979 Special honor and title (Commendatore of Grace,) from Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Malta (Knights of Malta,)
  • 1979 Special honor and title (Comm. of Masterly Grace) from Order of S. Brigitte of Svevia
  • 1981, 1986 Tifeo Award for science and Medicine from International Center of Culture, Rome-ischia
  • 1982 National Award for Sciences, under the patronage of Health Minister, at Capitolium, Rome
  • 1983 Special honor and title ("Great Official of Masterly Grace,) from Sovereign Order of S. George in Carinthia (Karrnten
  • 1983 Star of Europe Award for European Cavalier Union, Rome
  • 1983 International Prize "Riace Warriors" from the Templar, Culture Society
  • 1983 National Award of the South "Gold Mermaid" of Palinuro for medical studies, under the patronage of the President of the Italian Republic
  • 1985 National Award for the Culture from the Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri
  • 1987 First Prize in Biomed. Research, Italian Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • 1989 Laurea Honoris Causa in MedicineCatholicUniversity, Albany, New York
  • 1990 Member of Academic Senate of Constantinian University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
  • 1991 Laurea Honoris Causa in Immunology, St. Theodora Academy, New York
  • 1991 Castello di Pietrarossa Award, Caltanissetta (also Winner H.H. Fudenberg)
  • 1991 Decorated Comdr. Italian National Order of Merit
  • 1992 International Award "Cesare d'oro", Padova
  • 1994 Member of Academy Senate Pro Deo University, New York
  • 1994 Knight Grand Cross Sovereign Constantinian Order St. George
  • 1994 Gold Little Horse, Transnational. European Federation, Rome
  • 1995 Laurea Honoris Causa in Bioethics, ConstantinianUniversity, Cranston, Rhode Island
  • 1996 King Manfredi award, Manfredonia
  • 1999 Equestris Ordinis S. Sepulcri of Jerusalem, Rome
  • 1999 Gold medal of health PresidentItalianRepublic, Rome
  • 1999 GreatOfficerItalianRepublic Order of Merit
  • 1999 Saint Catherin Award, Siena
  • 2001 Honorary academic Member University Sancti Cyrilli, Valletta, Malta
  • 2003 Honorary Rector Ruggiero II University, Florida
  • 2003 Sorrento in the World Award, Sorrento
  • 2005 Medal of Minister for Culture, Viareggio
  • 2006 Knight of Solidarity Internat. Award Norman Acad., Rome
  • 2006 Saint Pio for the Peace award City of Fiuggi.
  • 2006 Tables of Law award Internat. Assn. Cath. Apostleship, Naples.
  • 2007 Casentino award for medicine, Poppi, Arezzo
  • 2008 Award Pres. Italian Rep., silver medal
  • 2009 Lifetime Achievement award, Sbarro Health Research Orgn. Philadelphia
  • 2010 Grand Prix Solidarite Dem. Rep. Congo
  • 2010 National award for solidarity Fratres St. Giovanni La Punta
  • 2011 Global Education Sanremo award
  • 2011 International Peace Award
  • 2012 AAAS member Royal House Aranan (Philippine) (Gold medal)
  • 2012 International Prize Le Muse Florence


  • American Chemical Society (since 2005)
  • American Society for Microbiology (since 1967)
  • American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (since 1969)
  • New YorkAcademy of Sciences (since 1973)
  • International Association for Comparative Research on Leukaemia and Related Diseases
  • Italian Society for Microbiology
  • Italian Cancer Society
  • Italian Society for Immunology and Immunopathology
  • Italian Society for Infectious Diseases
  • Interdisciplinary Group of Scientific Parapsychology (honorary member)
  • Italian Society of Colposcopy and Cervical-Vaginal Pathology (honorary member)
  • Italian Society of Immuno-Oncology (since 1990 president)
  • International League "Doctors for the Abolition of Vivisection" (since 1992 president)
  • European Society for Clinical Virology.
  • Member of Board of Directors Neuroimmuno Therapeutics Research Foundation, Spartanburg, USA
  • Member or the American Biographical Institute Research Board of Advisors
  • Corresponding Member or the American Association for Cancer Research (since 1997)
  • TiberineAcademy
  • Italian Society of Neurology
  • AIDS Society of Asia and the Pacific
  • UNESCOHebrewUniversity of JerusalemInternationalSchool for Molecular Biology and Microbiology
  • Member of the Honorary Committee of Eur.Academy for the Economical and Cultural Relationships, Rome;
  • Member of Scientific Medical Committee of Social Centre, Kiev - Ukraine;
  • Environment Medical Doctors Association. ISDE - Italy;
  • Italian Association for Viral Study and Research (president since 1995, hon. president. 2009)
  • International Society for Neurovirology


  • Member of the Scientific Commitee of Convivia Medica (Rome).
  • Member of the Scientific Commitee of Panorama Scientifico (Naples).
  • Member of the Editorial Commitee of Nuovo Bollettino di Farmacologia Clinica" - Consorzio Regionale Farmaceutico Ospedaliero (Naples).
  • Member of the Scientific Commitee of Neurologia Psichiatria Scienze Umane(S. Maria a Vico -   Caserta).
  • Honorary Scientific Co-Editor of Igea Medica (Avellino)
  • Honorary Member of Rassegna Medico-Chirurgica (Benevento)
  • Member of the Scientific Commitee of Ricerca Medica (Naples)
  • Scientific Coordinator of Italian Review of MedicaI and Surgical Researches (Naples)
  • Editor (since 2000) of International Journal or Clinical Investigation  I.J.C.I., Naples
  • Editor (since 2003) of Cotugno News Naples
  • Editor (since 2004) of Fratres Journal of the Blood Donors, Florence