Hailong An is a Professor ,Hebei University of Technology,China

Hailong An


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Hebei University of Technology


Professor Hailong An received his Ph.D. degree in Biophysics in Hebei University of Technology in 2005. After that, he was appointed to the faculty in the Institute of Biophysics, Hebei University of Technology. From 2006 to 2008, he worked at Hebei Medical University under supervision by Prof. Hailin Zhang as a postdoc. Awarded by China Scholarship Council, he has been to Virginia Commonwealth University and Washington University in Saint Louis as a visiting scholar. Dr. Hailong An focuses on voltage-gated potassium channel, Kv10.1 and calcium-activated chloride channel, CaCCs, dysfunction of which contribute to a variety of human diseases and may serve as novel drug targets in-clinic treatment. 


Published more than 50 articles and has achieved more than 320 citations, Hindex= 9.

Dr. An has been funded by more than 20 research projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China or provincial items.