KadreyaElmorshedy is a Faculty of medicine, Doctor in anatomy& embryology,Tanat university ,Egypt


Faculty of medicine, Doctor in anatomy& embryology

Organizing Committee


Tanat university


Bachelor of medicine and surgeryfrom TantaUniversity 1994.

-Resident of general surgery in Tanta university hospitals from 1996-1998

-lecturer of anatomy and embryology in health college in medina in Saudi Arabia from  2004-2006

-Master Degree in anatomy& embryologyTanta university 2003

-Medical doctorate in anatomy& embryology Tanta university 2008

-Registered in master degree for diagnostic radiology Tanta university

-Demonstrator of anatomy& embryology Tanta faculty of medicine (1998-2003)

-Assistant lecturer of anatomy& embryology Tantafaculty of medicine (2003-2009)

-Lecturer of anatomy& embryology Tanta faulty of medicine (2009-2014)

-Assistant professor of anatomy and embryology in Buraydah private colleges in Saudi Arabia from 2013-2014

-Assistant professor 0f anatomy and embryology in college of pharmacy in princess Nora bent Abdurrahman university from 2014 up till now

-volunteer 2003 – 2008 in breast cancer foundation of Egypt screening programs.

-Member internal reviewers of quality assurance team of Tanta university .

-coordinator of scientific research in Tanta college of medicine quality assurance unit.


Role of losartan on the renal cortex damage induced by cisplatin

in adult male albino rats

2-Effect of androgen  on rat testes’ 2015- 

3-Effect of androgen on rat skeletal muscles’ 2015

4-Poster presentation: ‘teratogens’. 2017 in prince sultan

5- Role of Star Anise Extract in Management in Equigan Induced Testicular Damage in Adult Male Albino Rats (Project funded by princess Nora  bent Abdurrahman research center).

6-Effect of Clomid on rat uterus

7-volunteer 2003 – 2008 in breast cancer foundation of Egypt screening programs.

8-Star anise extracts modulation of reproductive parameters, fertility potential and DNA fragmentation induced by growth promoter Equigan in rat testes.

9-P53 Expression in Response to Equigan Induced Testicular Injury and Oxidative Stress in Male Rat and the Possible Prophylactic Effect of Star Anise Extracts


annual conference of Tanta faculty of medicine.

2-2011 HIPH conference Alexandria high institute of public health

3-Awareness campaign  of WHO about cancer breast.

4-Stem cell course in medical experimental research center Mansoura university (MERC)

5-Course in computer skills for fulfillment of 1st degree  in  master of radiology Tanta university.

6-FLDP courses in Tanta development center for academic staff training(using modern technology in teaching, scientific research, time management, learning& education and legal& ethical  responsibilities of faculty staff.

7-GCETD(global conference & exhibition for training and development (from 19-21 October 2015 Riyadh)

8-Professional medical diploma from prof.dr. Hossam mwafi misr university of science and technology (MUST).

9-External reviewer courses from national accreditation institute of Egypt.

10-Basic life support course and license from AHA.

11-Practical course of lab. practice.